Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.

Signboard - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.


We make a sign on the desired thickness of plastic sheets with different techniques.   UV printing directly on the board, scratching up foil prints and shoving up foil cuts.
Roll-up - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.


For indoor or occasional outdoor use, a roll-up banner is the right choice. It is found wrapped up inside the frame, so it is not damaged. It is easy to transport thanks to its compact packaging.
Molino - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.


The molino is an economical advertising tool for its company. It can be applied both externally and internally.  It embellishes, carries information and advertises at the same time.
Wide-format printing - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.

Wide-format printing

With our 137 cm wide printer, we can make posters, molinos, roll-ups in photo quality. For Marekting campaigns, exhibitions and presentations, these customer attracting tools are almost mandatory.  They are also responsible for the creation of large company signs and information boards.