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Laser engraving, Laser cutting

Laser engraving, Laser cutting

During laser engraving, a concentrated laser beam shall evaporate or sufficient to evaporate the engraved material. 

Almost any material can be engraved to create very beautiful inscriptions, pictures, logos or barcodes. 

It is used in a very wide range of ways. Cast into metal, wood, plastic, glass, leather, etc.

The CO2 laser is one of the oldest lasers and is the most commonly used type of laser to date. This is the strongest continuous light laser, the efficiency of which is also outstanding. It is very beautiful to engrave it in wood, glass, leather, plastic, but we can only mark it in metal using a special paste or acid. 

The CO2 laser is also suitable for contour cutting of plexi, other plastics, wood, paper and leather. 

Fiber laser is suitable for marking laser metals. We can engrave in e.g. tools, medical devices and instruments.  

Thanks to our portable machine, we have the possibility to go to the venue and to ingrain larger or already operational things.