Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.

Paper labels - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Paper labels
We produce labels in sheets or rolls, printed or imprinted, cut or shaped, with several adhesives (normal, strong, recoverable). These labels are economical for both small and large numbers.
Plastic labels - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Plastic labels
Plastic labels can be made in a similar design to paper, with the advantage that they are much more resistant than the paper version. They can be made of several types of raw materials (PE, PP, PET) as required.
Resin labales - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Resin labales
It has been one of the most popular commercial media of recent times, as it is extremely spectacular and attracting attention. The layer of artificial resin applied to the label acts as a magnifying glass, so the print is very beautiful. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, made in UV-resistant design.
Hologram labels - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Hologram labels
Hologram labels serve both a safety function and a decorative element, the elegant silver colour indicates the premium quality of the product. We can print a standard patterned safety hologram film with 4 colors, or display your own logo on a so-called fake hologram.
Security labels - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Security labels
Safety labels ensure a clear identification of certain products and components. These labels should not be reattached or scraped without damage after the final adhesion has been obtained. They ensure that the warranty is actually validated by the buyer on the product to which it belongs, or the inventory does indeed include the device that was originally included. - Cut – the label breaks along the dense screeching if you try to remove it Destructive – the label can only be scraped off the surface in small pieces Void – the label can be pulled off, but the void on the surface remains missing, which is missing from the label material Belülről nyomtatjuk tükörben a címkét, így a különböző tisztítószerekkel való találkozás során sem roncsolódhat a nyomat.
Policarbonat labels - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Policarbonat labels
The polycarbonate label is made on a thin sheet of polycarbonate. It is extremely strong and more resistant to external effects than the smooth plastic version.  We print the label in a mirror from the inside, so it can't damage the print when encountering different cleaners.
Textil labels - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Textil labels
Labels that can be sewn into clothing products contain the mandatory customer information information, the size, the company logo and details. It can be prepared for different widths, with multiple color graphics in the case of larger quantities.
Wall labels - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Wall labels
It’s a sticker that makes the office, the betting room or the conference room unique. We make wall stickers based on the customer’s needs from the company name, logo, slogan.
ADR labels - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
ADR labels
We produce ADR labels for the transport of dangerous goods as well as GHS – CLP labels for the identification of dangerous goods and user information.
Cardboard label - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Cardboard label
The cardboard label is manufactured in roll or cut, unprinted or printed. We also provide a embossed version for demanding use.

Digital printing products
Signboard - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
We make a sign on the desired thickness of plastic sheets with different techniques.   UV printing directly on the board, scratching up foil prints and shoving up foil cuts.
Roll-up - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
For indoor or occasional outdoor use, a roll-up banner is the right choice. It is found wrapped up inside the frame, so it is not damaged. It is easy to transport thanks to its compact packaging.
Molino - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
The molino is an economical advertising tool for its company. It can be applied both externally and internally.  It embellishes, carries information and advertises at the same time.
Wide-format printing - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Wide-format printing
With our 137 cm wide printer, we can make posters, molinos, roll-ups in photo quality. For Marekting campaigns, exhibitions and presentations, these customer attracting tools are almost mandatory.  They are also responsible for the creation of large company signs and information boards.

Logoflash - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Logoflash is a premium quality label made from our own raw material, using the technology we have developed. Logoflash’s fantasy name suggests that the label captures the viewer’s attention immediately.  It is produced in gold or silver, in any size, cut to any shape, printed in any quantity of colour.  The design is self-adhesive, very strong adhesive, magnetic foil on demand, artificial resin cover. Decorative element for machines, appliances, slots, furniture or any product. Goblets, cups, prizes, medals, decorative boxes.  The logoflash enables you to easily and cost-effectively and quickly solve a variety of souvenirs with your own hands, as thanks to its good grip, it can be preserved on practically any surface on a calendar, folder, mug, cup, hornbeam, etc.  Thanks to its flexibility, it can be glued to curved surfaces.

Instrumental panel
Instrumental panel - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Instrumental panel
The dashboards can be made from polycarbonate or plexi on demand. On the water-cleaned or opalescent surface, the UV print is applied from the rear, so the print is not worn from the outside.   They are also supplied with holes or strong glue on demand.

Machine plates
Machine plates - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Machine plates
UV printing, laser engraving and fiber engraving make machine plates and data plates. Cut to the desired size, corner rounded on demand, drilled or fitted with a strong adhesive.   Thanks to UV printing, your company’s colour logo can also appear on the board.

Promotional gifts
Promotional gifts - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Promotional gifts
For your company promotion, presentation and exhibition, we offer you unique gifts to surprise your partners.  Create custom graphics: pen, a pencil, a mug, keychain, pin, cooling tycoon, a stress ball, a glass, a mug, canteens, ice scrapers, puzzle, pads, notebook, a T-shirt, bag, keychain, cooling magnet, etc.

Shopping cart coin - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Shopping cart coin
Useful gift, always at hand, always bearing in mind the logo of your company. We make it in different ways.
Coin - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Spiater coin, available in nickel, brass, antique nickel, antique brass. It’s an excellent gift for a medal or an anniversary. We'll give it a decorative box on demand.
Name badge - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Name badge
Make a unique, special name tag for your colleagues. If you prefer simpler, more modest forms, you can find them with us.
Pop badge - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Pop badge
The front part of the badge is paper-based, so they are made with relatively fast lead time and low cost. The pins shall be circular with standard dimensions: 25 mm, 32 mm, 44 mm, 50 mm, 58 mm, 75 mm. Locking can be done with a needle or magnet.
Printed / engraved badge - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Printed / engraved badge
Plastic, metal or wood are marked by engraving or UV printing, cut to the desired size and shape. UV printing can achieve photo quality when printing the logo.
Resin badge - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Resin badge
The previously printed/engraved plastic or metal pin is supplied with a resin layer. With this, we can achieve a very beautiful, elegant effect.   Alternatively, stick an embossed sticker to the previously cut plastic or metal plate.
Engraved - painted badge - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Engraved - painted badge
It’s an elegant pin made of spiar material, which can be painted with several colors.

Stamps - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
We undertake to create Colop stamps with a quick deadline, you can ask for Colop stamps in different sizes, colours and finishes.

Plastic card
Plastic card - Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft.
Plastic card
Plasticcards are every day used objects, most of as a bank card. But there are many places where we can meet with cards, for example clubcards, association cards, access cards, hotel cards, ID card, discount cards, gift cards, etc.. We can make it with magnetic stripe, 2 sides of color printing, with impersonation or with serial number. We can insure the card case, the nack strap or the skipass holder as well.