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Thanks to high quality raw materials and equipment, the careful and precise human work, we offer our customers a first-class finished product.


You can count on us! This is proven by the fact that over the past 25 years we have had more than a thousand satisfied customers, as well as hundreds of returning partners.


For more than 25 years, our company has been offering solutions related to marking and emblem. During this time, we have been able to understand customer needs, so we can develop and renew in a targeted way.


Multilab Ltd.


"They respond extremely quickly, both by phone and by email. The commissioned works are quickly completed, they are of good quality."

Peter Kis

MultiLab Ltd.

Tanxperts Hungary Ltd.


"I don't know any better! Whatever shape, size, almost any material or color, the Tantusz Kft. had the right, fast and quality solution for everything, be it stickers, forms, belt buckles."

Tanxperts Hungary Kft.

Totalkontroll Kft


"Quick, precise, working, always helpful and kind colleagues!"

Peter Ott

Total Control Ltd.

Tantusz Címke-Expressz Kft - Védett munkahely vagyunk


Our company has been employing people with disabilities for more than 20 years, and since 2015 we have a protected job status. 

Our goal was to integrate our disabled colleagues and become full members of our team. We believe that we have succeeded in achieving this. 

 We do not have a wheelchair colleague at the moment, but most of the site is accessible.