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Totally unique technology for individual, exclusive labels.
Order your company logo, or emblems for special events (wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary, funeral).
Raised embossed graphics on a gold or silver base with optional coloring.
Self-adhesiv, magnetic, or individual design.

-memorial plaques and coins
-badges, brooches, keyrings
-invitations, place cards
-automobile emblems
-industrial equipment with a high visual profile
-wine and spirit bottles
-event hosting decorations
-special book cover designs
-any ideas You may come up with

H-1102 Budapest, X. Szt. László tér 20. | Tel: (+36) 1 261 85 05, 261 85 83 | Mobil: (+36) 30 94 96 234, 30 929 81 81 | E-mail: tantusz@tantusz.hu
Honlap: Dimensions Kft.